Life After Teaching with Bex Waker

Life After Teaching with Bex Waker

CW: This episode contains discussion of panic attacks and stress at work.

This was my third ever live podcast recording and it was such a great conversation! Bex is a fellow ex-MFL teacher, who is now working as the MFL Subject Adviser for Pearson Edexcel, and we discussed everything from what made us want to quit the classroom to what we are doing now. We also gave some (hopefully helpful!) advice for those of you who are thinking of leaving teaching.

We had lots of great questions and comments from the live audience, which added so much to the discussion. We also answered some questions from our Instagram followers - have a listen to find out if we answered yours!

Bex can be found on Instagram @pagepracticepodcast or LinkedIn as Rebecca Waker. Her website is

During the episode, we mentioned the Facebook groups “Life after teaching” and “Adventures after teaching”. I am not a member of either of these Facebook groups, so can’t verify the content of them, however. We also referred to the website as a useful resource for those thinking of leaving teaching.

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Joe Dale is my podcast producer and the music is by Coma-Media from Pixabay.