Real Teacher Well-being with Emily Armstrong

Real Teacher Well-being with Emily Armstrong

This was such a great conversation with the brilliant Emily Armstrong about real teacher well-being. And I’ll give you a clue… it’s not about cakes in the staffroom or mandatory yoga sessions after school!

In this episode, we discussed strategies to actually improve teacher well-being. Whether it’s genuine workload management (meaning working how and when it suits you best), or learning to be assertive, embracing mistakes and dialing down the perfectionism, Emily gave so many amazing tips for teachers and school leaders to start working on straight away.

Listen right to the end for some fantastic advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome as a teacher - especially those MFL teachers who are teaching a language they don’t feel confident with. And don’t forget that my team and I are here for you if you need to learn a new language and/or improve a language to be able to teach it confidently.

Connect with Emily on Instagram, where she is @emilyarmstrongeducation.

In the episode, I mentioned a previous podcast episode where I answered a question about teacher resilience. It’s Season 5 Episode 1 - Q&A Episode 4.

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